CHIVES Trademark Image:

CHIVES Trademark Explanation:

1 Core element: CHIVES
2 The first letter C of CHIVES is specially designed, the main body is a CHIVES, and then after bending treatment, it becomes the shape of C.
3 The third letter i in CHIVES, the upper point represents the CHIVES flower, and the lower I is curved and designed to be in harmony with the V next to it.
4 The overall color of CHIVES is green, which represents green, no pollution and energy saving, which is also the same as the design concept of CHIVES BLOCKCHAIN.

CHIVES Trademark Authorization:

1 The use of trademarks must be authorized by JIYUN WANG before they can be used.

Rules for the use of advertising materials:

1 The trademark of CHIVES is used
2 Some advertising slogans have been added, such as: “lead the forks, NO ICO, NO PRE-MINE”, and the picture used is Chives.
3 Advertising materials, anyone can use.

Chives provides related services

Provide customers with technical support and services related to blockchain technology, including: blockchain technology training, blockchain learning course production, digital currency trading and encrypted currency trading, digital currency and encrypted currency creation and mining, blockchain Computer software development in the field, through the development of customized technology and application software in the blockchain field, to customize computer software and other related content.
Believe CHVIES will bring you high-quality services. CHIVES is what you can trust.