Deadlines for registering new participants in the lottery have expired

Hi all! The deadline for accepting new participants (owners of masternodes worth 100,000 XCC has already expired, since the block height at the current time is already 4,099,922.

The list of participants turned out to be quite large! A total of 68 participants 🔥 will participate in the drawing of 1,000,000 XCC coins.

The winner selection algorithm will be as follows:The height of 4105000 is announced in advance, from which we begin to compare the hash heights and launcher_id of the masternodes; those who have 4 matches move on to the next round.The height of the 2nd round is determined in advance. Starting height + 100 and so on +100

For example:

Round: 1 Height: 4100000

Round: 2 Height: 4100100

Round: 3 Height: 4100200…

If there are no matches among the remaining participants in a round, then that round is ignored.

We will be holding the 1st round of the drawing soon. Wait 🙂 🕐

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