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Good news! Chives Swap has opened NFT Marketplace that is completely open to the public. You can easily mint, explore and trade NFTs stored on Chives blockchain.

Main features:
1 All NFT works are stored on the ARWEAVE network.
2 The maximum size of each NFT work is 10M.
3 Support for single minting and batch minting NFT.
4 Support to set NFT as “For Sale” or “Not For Sale”.
5 GAS for all NFT transactions is free.
6 Minting NFT only charges 5-10XCC, which is used to pay the storage fee on Arweave network.
7 Minting online, easy to use, without too many technical requirements.
8 Each NFT work provides an API interface.
9 All NFT works data are stored in the Chives blockchain, and will support for Chia blockchain later.

To get started with the NFT functions, a Swap account with some XCC is required. If you don’t have XCC, you can go LBank Exchange or Chives Swap to buy some.

1. What are NFTs

Non-fungible token (NFTs) are digital, crypto tokens that are managed on a blockchain such as Ethereum, FLOW, Polygon, Katyn, and Wax just to name a few. This blockchain acts as a decentralized ledger that tracks the NFT’s ownership and transaction history. While they work like other crypto assets, NFTs are unique and not replicable.

2. How to Mint NFTs

1) Choose a Collection for your works, then click “Add Item”.
There is a default collection and you can create new collections too. If you want the default collection to show up in the public market, you need to complete these three steps.

  1. Change the name of the Collection to whatever you want, avoiding “Untitled Collection”.
  2. Change the type of the Collection from “Private” to “Public” by the button “Edit”
  3. Mint at least one work in this Collection.

2) Fill out the form of your works.
The system supports uploading muti works, the name of images will default to the name of the works.

File Type: JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBM. Max size: 10 MB
Mint fee: Less than 1M: 5 XCC; 1-5M: 10 XCC; 5-10M: 20 XCC
Author Royalty: From 1% to 9%

3) After “Save Draft”, click “Submit to Minting”, wait for the process to complete.

4) After the minting program finishes, you will see your NFTs display on the “NFT Market”.

3. What is ID Verification

It is a Non-mandatory requirement. If identity authentication is performed, the verification logo will be displayed in the OWNER part of the NFT. Increase the trust procedure for NFT works.

4. How to buy NFTs

5. About the fees

We take 1% of every transaction that happens on Chives Swap. When minting NFTs, you need to pay for a one-time storage cost that depends on NFTs’ size.

You can set a creator fee from 1% to 9%. This means you can earn revenue every time your NFT sells on Chives Swap. The sellers can get at 90%-98% of the selling price.

6. Tips

6.1 There is a new record named “NFT Market Records” on the page “My Wallets”.

7. More

Chives NFT Market:
Chives Swap:
Chives Coin:
Chives Twitter:
Chives Discord:

Chives network is a young, open and more eco-friendly blockchain. If you are looking for NFTs platforms to mint or trade your works, we sincerely welcome you!

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