Chia Asset Token Explorer has been launched –

A new Chia Asset Token Explorer that you can track all tokens’ info on Chia Blockchain.

Chia Asset Token Explorer:

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  1. How to Use Chia Asset Token Explorer
  2. How to Create Chia Asset Token Online
  3. How to Use Chia Asset Token Wallet
  4. How to Make a Chia Asset Token Airdrop
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1. How to Use Chia Asset Token Explorer

2. How to Create Chia Asset Token Online

To create a Chia Asset Token (CAT), except the official CAT creation tutorial, you can also create it on Chives Swap online.

The first step, input a Chia wallet address to which will be issued tokens. Attention, if not filled in, it will default to the first address of your Chia main wallet.

The second step, input the wanted token amount. Attention, fill in the number of tokens issued, multiplied by 1000, which is the number of MOJOs you must have.

Then get the Verification Code and click Submit, all is good now!

Now you can check them on your Chia Light Wallet. For token creator, it will appear in your wallet once the process is done. For common users, input the ASSET_ID then the wallet will appear.

If you want to get the Token Web Wallet support from Chives Swap, please contact the Chives team on Discord. There is a booster plan that you may get token support services on Chives Swap for free.


  1. The issued asset tokens can only be used in the Chia light wallet.
  2. The issued asset token is a single issuance token, and a total number of tokens needs to be set, which cannot be reissued or melted.
  3. If you need to issue asset tokens to other account addresses, you need to fill in the corresponding issuance address; if you are issuing asset tokens to the current wallet, you do not need to fill in.
  4. Once the issuance is successful, an ASSET ID will be generated. Enter ASSET ID into the light wallet to see your asset tokens.
  5. Using Swap’s issuance service, some amount of service fees will be charged. At the same time, a free token issuance plan is provided. Launch CAT Process In Linux.

3. How to Use Chia Asset Token Wallet

The Token Wallet on Chives Swap now supports functions like Sending, Receiving, Staking and Airdrop. Let’s take a look at how the Token Wallet works with Chia-ROSE as an example.

How to create a Rose token wallet
Open Chives Swap, “My Wallets” -> “Open Account” -> “Chia-Rose, Click “Creat a new wallet”

Note: The Chia-ROSE wallet is different from your main Chia wallet, two separate sections.

How to send or receive Rose token
Open Chives Swap, “My Wallets” -> “My Wallets” -> “Chia-ROSE”, Click “Send Chia-ROSE”

Input the “Address” and “Send Amount”. The “Memo” is optional. Remember that only “Wallet Received Address” can be used, do not use any “Transaction Address” as the payment address for Asset Token.

You can also learn from this tutorial: How to use Chives Wallet & Chives Swap v2.0

4. How to Make a Chia Asset Token Airdrop

Chives Swap supports to make your own airdrop. You can enter multiple addresses including the amount to finish an airdrop easily.


  1. Will send in 5-8 minutes.
  2. Max 500 Lines at one time.
  3. Every line includes address and amount.
  4. Address cannot be repeated. If the address is repeated, the bottom record will be used.


5. More

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If you are drawing up the blueprint for your own cryptocurrency project, we would like to tell you the good news. You can now create asset tokens on the Chia blockchain without any fees. Additionally, there is also a possibility to get full support of Chives Swap. Check here to get more info: Creating & Launching Your Own Asset Token on Chia Blockchain

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