Airdrop Kitty & New Year’s gift

What is the Kitty:

  1. Kitty (KTY) is an experimental Asset Token on Chives blockchain.
  2. You can receive and send Kitty using our Chives Light Wallet.
  3. You can also receive and balance on Chives Swap with the transfer function releasing in the future.
  4. Kitty total issuance is 100 Million.
  5. We will send the LBANK exchange referral fee income to Kitty holders.
  6. In the future, KTY vs. XCC trading pairs will be developed to facilitate everyones trading needs.

Airdrop Kitty Rules:

  1. To all staking users, 10 Million KTY will be issued proportionally according to the total number of users staking. This process can be automatically issued in the background.
  2. For all miners who have mined XCC, there will be about 9,000 miners, and each miner will issue 1,000 with the total being capped at 9 Million. This process can be automatically issued in the background.
  3. To all miners who have mined XCH, each miner will issue 1,000. Because different blockchains are involved, the issuance process will be a bit complicated. The user is required to enter the XCH mnemonic into CHIVES SWAP In order to confirm whether you are a qualified XCH miner.
  4. To the owner of each pet, 300 Kitty
  5. Take the data of 2021.12.31 as the calculation standard.

The total issued amount is 20-25 Million Kitty being at 20-25% of Total Amount Kitty available.

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