Some thoughts on the Chives Farm NFT game

1 Chives Farm is an open game platform, mainly on the CHIVES blockchain, but at the same time put PETS on other blockchains, such as CHIA, HIVECOIN, RAVENCOIN, and even ETH. The main purpose of this I want to allow users to purchase NFT assets as much as possible to extend to different blockchains, taking care of users in different fields.

2 The extensibility of Chives Farm is not only the cross-chain extension of NFT assets, but also the simultaneous extension of user data, supporting equipment, and social networks. The advantage of this is that users can use the same set of NFT assets and switch between different zones. Blockchain network, to experience different game scenarios, just like in online games, users need to choose different servers to log in, and each different server will have a group of different online players.

3 When the user’s NFT assets can be cross-chain, then another feature of the game will be shown, that is, different blockchains can have different game scenarios. Because of the support of basic data and the overall structure, it can be supported by other communities Players develop some game scenarios to allow users to have an immersive experience. It is similar to the structure of user-generated content (UGC). But how to implement it needs further discussion.

4 This does not mean that the development team will focus more on the design of the open architecture and ignore the design of the game itself. The development team will still focus on the development of the game itself, while allowing other players to design their own game scenarios.

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