Chives global sites translate rewards

Hello everyone
In order to better take care of users of various languages around the world, Chives has launched a blockchain browser multi-language translation plan. The following is the detailed information of the plan.
A total of about 300 words or short sentences need to be translated for each language.
Chives provides a reward of 1000 Chives for each language.
Participants end up being the native language of the country, so the translation will be closer to the use of the local language.
How to participate:
1 Referees can register an account at, and need to complete email verification and fill in the reward address.
2 The language name and code you want to translate, as well as the email you used when you registered in the previous step, send me a private message, and I will give you the corresponding permissions.
3 The translation work is usually required to be completed within one week.
4 Usually a language has one translator for translation, first come first served.
5 After the translation is completed, your reward will be seen in the community autonomous system, and the remittance status can be checked.