To grow the Chives community

Hello, everyone. In order to grow the Chives community, 50,000 XCC is specially used as a reward for recommending others to join the CHIVES DISCORD community. The specific methods are as follows:
1 Budget: 50000 XCC, if it is not enough, it can be added;
2 Time: from now to the end of August 6, 2021;
3 Reward: Recommend a person, reward 50 XCC;
4 Measurement method: In Chives’ Discord, create a permanent invitation code and send it to other Discord forums or other blogs. As long as your invitation code is used once, it is considered to be a successful recommendation for a person. And get the corresponding reward. The picture below shows the usage of Discord background invitation code;
5 The content of the request: Hello everyone, if you are interested in Chives, now Chives’ Discord community has a free 50 XCC collected for free, as long as you join Chives’ Discord community before August 7, 2021.